Paradise Row Projects consists of the transformation of a luxury clothing store into an art gallery in Mayfair, London

Only non-removable walls have been kept leaving an odd-shaped space filled with tilted walls and alcoves difficult to exploit for showing art.

A Showbox of the maximum dimension possible and built following the precepts of Brian O'Doherty’s white cube has been bluntly dropped into the remaining space therefore increasing the hanging surface by 110%.

Every component of the Showbox is painted white (floor, walls, ceiling).

Everything outside of the Showbox is painted of a/some contrasted color(s). The contrasted color(s) being at the discretion of the curator, they change completely from show to show.

Everything inside the showbox is art. All spaces outside of the showbox are serving the art (antechamber for introduction, alcove for videos, office space, etc.)

All pictures by Mirko Boffelli