Ariel Claudet


LinkedIn Curriculum Vitae

Ariel is a creative who aims to build bridges between different levels of realities. He settles his oneiric works in the imaginary reality and transfers them to the physical realm through various means such as visual art, architecture, stage design, augmented reality and writings.

Since 2012 Ariel's work has taken multiple forms such as built architecture, artworks shown in galleries in Paris (Perpitch&Bringand) and Berlin (Aedes Architecture Forum), Stage designs for techno clubs in Kyoto and Paris or augmented reality apps and a singer's visual identity in the digital world.

Separately, Ariel currently works at OMA-AMO as an Architect - Project Manager & Business Developer.

Previously, Ariel worked at Jakob+MacFarlane where he was in charge of several projects as Architect - Project Manager, International Business Developer and Innovative Communication Strategist.

Since 2004, Ariel has worked in architecture studios in Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles and for the Haitian Government in Port-au-Prince. He worked in different fields such as residential, retail and public housing. The work he did in Tokyo at Yasutaka Yoshimura and for the Haitian Government also brought him expertise in post-traumatic architecture.

Selected Publications

•Shakers Studio

•The Green Machine
Financial Times

•J+M App

•Anthology of a house to Live in, 2015
Self Published

•De l’Ancienne École d’Architecture de Paris-la-Défense
Self Published

•Jalousie in Colors for Marie Aquilino’s Beyond Shelter, 2014
Metropolis Books